About the Artist

David Pringle portraitI am David Pringle, a disabled artist from Central Pennsylvania, and I work in many mediums. I am a traditionally-trained photographer and self-taught painter. My fine-art photography is about bringing the real into the surreal. Seeing the details or abstracts that may be invisible to others.

My paintings cross several mediums. Acrylic abstract-formalism is where I started and continue to hone and focus. I see shapes and how they can become intertwined with each other and with organic elements. I am also obsessed with fluid art, whether it is acrylic pours, spray-enamels, or Pébéo mixed-media. I am never afraid to carry one medium into another to create the emotions or vision that I have seen in my mind. 

I hope you enjoy watching as I wind through the paths of mediums, which always seem to intersect. I look forward to sharing it all with you. I'll try not to take myself too seriously.